The Hosumdas Totem Project

A new Totem in Rivers Inlet.

Source: The Hosumdas Totem Project


The Hosumdas Totem Project

Tlakwagila by JenniferSteven

There is a feature totem in the MOA, Museum of Anthropology at UBC in Vancouver and I’ve always called it the Great Raven Housefront Totem. I have known this totem and studied it from my earliest days as an artist. In the 1970’s I visited the MOA many times to study the different artifacts there.

I was adopted back in the 90’s and became Tlakwagila one of the Chief’s of the House of Walkus. One of my brothers carries the Chieftainship, Hosumdas, and is the Head Chief of the House of Walkus in Wuikinuxv, (Owikeeno), B.C. An incredible realization  has come to me, Ted Walkus, Hosumdas, is the grandson of  Simon Walkus who carried the name Hosumdas, and  I can recreate this totem for my brother Ted Walkus as one of my greatest projects as Tlakwagila.

So it has come to pass in 2016 for me, Tlakwagila,  to take on the most important project of my career as an artist. A  totem for my brother, Hosumdas.